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Вирченко Анатолий, г. Киев

Проходил обучение в школе KiteFest 19-24 Сентября 2011. При выборе места обучения полагался на форумы в интернете и рекомендации друзей. Приятно удивил тот факт, что kitesurfing успешно развивается в Украине и есть достаточное количество школ и мест для обучения. После произведенных расследований : ))...

 Our school has been started to work on the Northern Cyprus (TRNC) from the middle of March of 2014

Training process.

We provide a personal instructor for each student. We have English,  Russian and Ukrainian speaking instructors. During lessons we make photos and video recording.  

We use proven and reliable kitesurfing equipment. Kites: Airush, Best. Boards: Spleene, Best. Harnesses: Prolimit, Mystic.

During the courses our students may use all needed gear for free: kite, board, harness, safety equipment and wetsuit.

We use radio communication between student and instructor for quick and safe progress in noisy wind conditions.

We believe that everybody can learn kitesurfing with us. Somebody will progress faster or little slower but everybody will surf in the end!

Our training process is organized according to standards of International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO). Upon completion of the training all students get the IKO certificate. This certificate is well known and gives to the owner different discounts on renting gear and other related services.






Level 1+2 – 400. Includes 12 (8+4*) training hours with an instructor (from theory to water start in both directions). If the student finishes program early than 12 ours he can use the school gear with our advices during remaining hours for free.

Level 3 – 200. Includes 6 (4+2*) training hours of advanced training with  an instructor (going upwind, beating, turning without stop, curving turns, jump theory and standard jumps).

 * - training time for practicing under the instructor supervision or just surfing with our gear. 

 Hourly training – 50 - 1 hour in the water with personal instructor.



2014 Discounts:  

- Level 1+2 for 2 students with one instructor: 600. 

- Birthday discount 10%

- Level 1+2 before 15 of April and after 1 of October discount 20% (registered request is required)

- buy full equipment package (kite + board) and get free Level 1+2!



We recommend using sun protection cream and special sunglasses for water sport. You can buy such sunglasses in our shop or you can tie your sunglasses with the strings. We provide our students with wetsuits but we recommend to buy own suit. Wetsuit is a part of personal wear and it is better to have your own. 

Our Cyprus Phones:

+ 90 533 849 73 25 English/Russian

+90 533 857 28 26 Russian

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